About GBS

Established in 1985, GBS has become one of the UK's most respected international freight forwarding organisations.

Our Motivated, skilled and qualified staff's commitment to the safe and timely movement of out customer's cargo by sea, air and road freight services has been the foundation of the company since its inception

Our goal is to simply become your preferred freight forwarder and to facilitate the movement of your cargo from its origin to its final destination.


Quotation available upon request

We offer a complete door-to-door service to all Amazon UK warehouses, including Pallestisation (to Amazon Spec), Labelling.  We are fully registered on the Amazon CARP / FBA booking system
A plane awaiting goods to be loaded for carriage

Quotation available upon request

Carriers terms and conditions can limit liability in the event of loss or damage to your cargo. With no guarantee of a recovery against a carrier we recommend goods are adequately insured
Cars being transported
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